SV-101 Series Mirror Doors

Painted Steel Bi-Pass Oak or Vinyl Board

Solar Industries's oak or vinyl board bi-pass system is the most economical and versatile in our collection. Using the same track as our SM-101 series, changing from board to mirror doors is a snap. The SV-101 series is also an alternative to hollow core bi-pass doors. Our system can be manufactured to fill special size openings, wall to wall and floor to ceiling. This flexibility saves the material and labor of framing and finishing a standard opening.

Who we are...

Solar Industries is a wholesale manufacturer of home and industrial skylights. We help consumers reduce their global energy footprint and receive sufficient daylight needs for an environmentally friendly and healthy space to live and work. We offer quality, energy-efficient skylights. Choose from our selection of stock or custom made self-flashing, curb mount fixed skylights in either aluminum or vinyl. We also offer operable, smoke hatch and louvered models. We offer an unmatched combination of service and quality for retailers. Call to see how you can become a local dealer of our fine products.

  • Uses pre-finished paneling eliminating the need for painting
  • Has 1 ½” vertical adjustable for out-of-plumb openings
  • Available in: Bright White Paint, Sun Gold

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